Turmfalke: onboard native Palm OS 5 resources generator

(C) 2007 – 2008 Lukas Grundmann

Website redesigned March 2016

What is Turmfalke

Turmfalke is a onboard developer tool for Palm OS 5. It can convert the 68k versions of some Palm OS resources into the native arm versions. For this it realignes and byte swap the resources.


  • Palm OS 5.0 or higher

How to Install/Remove

Simply install the prc file from the archive into your RAM or on your card over hotsync, a card reader or any other way. For deinstalling simply remove the Turmfalke application.

How to use

If you start the application from your launcher you´ll see at least one list at the left. In this list all storage heap based databases were shown. You can choose one. If it contains resources a second list will be avaible. There you can choose a resource. With pressing the button „Convert“ the selected resource will be converted and the button „All“ forces Turmfalke to convert the whole selected database. If the checkbox „Test“ is selected a short preview of the converted resources will be shown. Turmfalke always stores the arm version of the resource as a copy into the same database. Over Turmfalkes menu you are able to access the credits, the help and the two convertion options. Also you can exit over the menu or over the home button. The preview forms can be quited with the home button. If you have further questions contact me.

The API is still useless cause of some bugs!!!

Supported resources

  • Forms (except tables!)
  • Menus
  • Alerts
  • Bitmaps, Icons


You are using the application on your own risk! It may contain bugs. So backup your data before using Turmfalke. You should read at least the points 1. - 5. of this document.

For a complete history look into the built in help text of Turmfalke.

  • 1.2 beta:
    • GUI redesigned completly
    • Uses Palm Event Loop now
    • Source code was published under GPL
    • This document was created
  • 1.1 alpha:
    • Added support of converting whole databases
    • GUI: the resource list is be sorted now
    • Form preview handles menus
    • external resources used in a form will be converted automatically
    • added preview of bitmaps
    • optimized preview routines
    • added icon support
    • registered Turmfalkes Creator ID at Access
  • 1.0 alpha:
    • First release


With version 1.2 beta the sourcecode were published. They are shipped with the archive of 1.2 beta. Turmfalke was created with the great and free onboard PP compiler tools. You can get more information about them from www.ppcompiler.org

##About the name of Turmfalke

Turmfalke is the german term of a bird living in towers. The latin name is Falco tinnunculus and in english the bird is called kestrel. Since some PP Compiler tools are called after birds I decided to do it this way too.